Get Your Ghost on! Parts of Levittown Trick-or-Treat Saturday

The Orangewood and Goldenridge sections of Levittown and Bristol Township will have trick-or-treat Saturday.

Amber Longhitano, a Bristol Township councilwoman, said she was flooded with questions from parents about trick-or-treating in the township over the past few days. 

In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, officials urged parents to let their young ones trick-or-treat on Wednesday, Nov. 7. The problem was that a nor'easter brought snow to the area Wednesday night.

Longhitano, acting in an unofficial capacity, said that after talking with many parents trying to get much of Lower Bucks to have trick-ortreat tonight, Nov. 9. And some areas, Goldenridge and Orangewood, will have trick-or treat Saturday.

Residents Encourage Friday Trick-or-Treat

Levittown Postpones Halloween

Pam November 10, 2012 at 01:24 PM
What a pain. I called Bristol Towship and they said that only Croydon and Tullytown changed the day from Wedesday to the weekend because of the snow. I live in Goldenridge and am ready for Christmas, enough with Halloween already. Also, I don't think many people will be giving out candy because they don't know it is today. I know that I didn't until I read this today.
Joe November 10, 2012 at 02:49 PM
I can understand the Councilwoman making a suggestion in lieu of an official answer, but who decided that Levittown would be Saturday? I'll have candy ready tonight as I also did last night and Wednesday night, but this is the last I want to hear of it.
Bristol Mom November 10, 2012 at 04:09 PM
I have to say, the way Bristol Township has handled something as simple as rescheduling trick or treating, I truly pray that there is never a real emergency that requires the township to manage and organize any kind of emergency plan! My 5 year old could've organized this better!!! There have been trick or treaters here in Bristol every night from Wednesday night on (yes, some risked themselves in snow because no one said it was postponed and they didn't want to miss out). We went out last night because that was when others had switched to and there were others out here too. But there were barely any kids, and even less homes that were participating because no one has any clue as to when the "official" trick or treat date was moved to..or are just over it all and ready for Thanksgiving!!! It also puts the children at more risk because 1. Where there are usually large groups of children, there are now few and if there isn't a parent with them or nearby (as usual on Halloween) they could be easier kidnapped. 2. In my neighborhood, the cars that were driving around were speeding down these small, dark roads at highway speeds despite 25mph limits! The township has elected officials for a reason (I thought) and it's times like this that they should do their jobs and not leave things up to the people to decide and coordinate on their own! I am very disappointed!
Nik November 11, 2012 at 01:58 AM
I would not normally get on a town site to complain about stuff, but my 2 year old lost out on Halloween. Not only because of the storm, but also because whoever makes these descions had no idea what they were doing and did not update the community enough. Little things like going out for even a 1/2 hr, would have been amazing for my son, and the people in charge iof setting this up and alerting all of us stole this from him. As I watched kids already out and about trick-or-treating, my son was getting a bath, so it was to late to get him around. On top of my son getting hurt, so did the kids who did; because people like myself and my wife, as many others, were not prepared for the families that did find out. They may have gone out but there was maybe at-best half the amount of people prepared. So we couldn't even make the other kids happy who had very few houses to go to. This was a pathetic mess and with the internet and many ways to update parents and those that normally would give candy to kids having no idea what is going on; this was pathetic. I am happy for the children and parents that did get to enjoy this fun time with their children, but for those of us that could not with our children and were not prepared for those going out this is just sad and I really hope even the people that went out let the town know they really dropted the ball for all the kids and parents who love this time with their children.
Disabled November 13, 2012 at 02:29 PM
As a homeowner in Goldenridge, I check the Bristoltownship.org page. No where did it say it was postponed till the 10th. My first clue was a smell of firewood in the people up the street. They had their lamppost lit with orange and a firepit outside. So I rechecked the site. As I did I heard the first tenative kids asking if we had candy. The Mom asked how we knew, I said we didn't but had seen the house up the street ready, although the township page had not been changed. She said apparently it was word of mouth and Tweet (what ever that is).Apparently like us owners didn't know. I was going to give all the candy to sweets for soldiers.It had been changed from the 31st to the 2nd to the 7th and today was the 10th. We have always had 60-100 kids. We had gotten more candy between the 2 and 7th as it was sitting beside the door, only Christmas candy was available. The kids mostly had meager bags, pillow cases and little pumpkins. We do not tweet, my husbnad works for the DOD so we can not use FAcebook. Poor kids you could hear knock on doors and no answer. A group of 3 maybe 8 year olds came at 8:15. They just started and lights were out. I felt bad. 2 we were the first house and they said the boy it was his second. I gave them 2 handfulls. We still ended up with over 80, some admittedly from philly. But would have been nice for the township to update their site. The kids were polite, and thanked us. Most had parents.


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