Readers' Choice Winner: Best Family-Friendly Restaurant

Where's the best local spot to break bread with the family? Check out this week's Readers' Choice winner.


The results are in for  and  in Levittown claims the top spot for Best Family-Friendly Restaurant. 

"The Garden of Eatin is a great place to eat, good food and friendly staff make every meal there enjoyable!!" commenter Douglas Filler said.

With a total of 92 votes casted,  took 47 percent of the total votes or 44 votes.

"I think the Garden of Eatin is the way to go!! Everything is HOME MADE and made FRESH DAILY!!! I think that sums it up!!!!" commenter Azem Zeka said.

 claimed second place with 18 votes or 19 percent of the total.

Third place was claimed by  with 7 percent of the votes. To see how the remaining restaurants faired  

Feel free to use the comments section to congratulate the winner and check back Monday for next week's new Readers' Choice Poll.


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