Bristol Fire Company Selects New Officers for 2013

The Bristol Fire Company (Station 51) members have selected new officers for the new year.

Bristol Fire Company (Station 51) has started a new year with changes to its officers that oversee emergency operations in the field and routine administrative duties within the company.

According to a press release, Station 51 changes officers at the beginning of the new calendar year to allow other members in the company who are interested in serving in leadership roles and taking on new responsibilities. Bristol Fire Company members nominate and vote for the officers. 

Below are a list of the new officers and those who have retained their positions, and a brief summary of each role:

Chief: Herb Slack (Chief in 2012)

Deputy Chief: Francis Hufnell Jr. (Deputy chief in 2012)

The chief and deputy chief oversee the company’s emergency and preparedness operations In addition to these responsibilities, they also write grants and manage other projects.

Captain: Liz Harrell

The captain trains new and existing members and maintains station apparatus.

Lieutenant: Dave Firth

Lieutenant: Neil Watson

The lieutenants are assigned to an apparatus and are tasked with preparing the equipment for emergencies.

President: John Miraski

Vice President: Juanita Robbins

The president and vice president oversee the business administration of the fire company. 

Secretary: Liz Harrell

There are prerequisites for certain leadership roles, including chief, deputy chief, captain and lieutenant. Lieutenants must receive certain firefighting certifications, have Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training and be qualified to drive rescue vehicles; the captain must meet the same requirements as lieutenants, but have additional firefighting and officer training; and the chief and deputy chief must have all the aforementioned requirements, while undertaking emergency training classes.

“We are thankful that we have a committed group of volunteers who are dedicated to the community and are eager to serve,” Slack said. “Station 51 is looking forward to serving Bristol Borough in the coming year.”


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