Driver in Fatal Hit-and-Run Turns Himself In

A Bristol Township man turned himself in to police Tuesday and admitted he was driving the car that hit John Rearick, who later died from the injuries.

Jonathan H. Simmons, 27, of Bristol Township, surrendered to police Tuesday, and admitted he drove the Cadillac that struck a Croydon man July 22, according to phillyburbs.com.

, 23, was struck while crossing New Falls Road in Middletown just after midnight. He died from the injuries July 28.

Video surveillance footage shows Simmons’ Cadillac travelling westbound on New Falls Road near the and coming to a stop after the collision.  Then the driver steers around Rearick’s body and turns left into the Plumbridge section of Levittown.

Simmons said he was picking up a prescription for his pregnant girlfriend and was on his way home.

Rearick’s mother, , posted a message on Patch asking to keep the story going in hopes the driver would turn himself in. Seventeen days after the accident, and after he “consulted with his minister,” Simmons did just that.

If found guilty, Simmons could spend one to seven years in prison for a third-degree felony, leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

He also was charged with reckless endangerment, driving with a suspended license, failing to help a victim, and failing to report an accident, according to the report.

Bail for Simmons was set at $500,000.

Sharon Rearick August 09, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Bail was set at $500,000 unsecured, so he is walking free and had to post zero dollars and is walking the streets while my son John Rearick is DEAD AT 23 YEARS OLD. He was just told not to driver. He has already shown that he drives even when his license is suspended. The outcome is now in the hands of the DA, I am sure he will fight for what right. Please pray for all the parties involved. The speed limit on New Falls Road is 40 miles an hour (which if you drive 40 you are swerved around and then pulled in front of. Every day I see people walking in the street because there are NO SIDEWALKS and no 50 feet from where my son was hit and left for dead by the driver there is a bus stop. Where are you supposed to walk to get to that bus stop...... NEW FALLS ROAD NEEDS SIDE WALKS BEFORE THERE ARE ANYMORE DEATHS ON THIS ROAD. Sharon Rearick mother of John and determined that good will come out of the horrific day when I was woken up by frantic family telling me that St Mary’s needed to speak to me. My son was hit by a car that left the scene and was in critical condition. A family’s worse nightmare


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