Injured Teen Airlifted from Technical High School

An emergency medical helicopter took an injured teen from Bucks County Technical High School to the hospital on Thursday.

A medical helicopter operated by the University of Pennsylvania landed at Bucks County Technical High School on Thursday morning to rush an injured teen to the hospital.

The 14-year-old boy suffers from "brittle bone disease" and fractured his femur during school. Emergency medical crews deemed it in the victim's best interest to transport him via helicopter, Principal Mary Kelly said.

Local fire crews established a landing zone at the high school in Bristol Township so the distinctive blue and white helicopter was able to land and transport the 14-year-old to a city hospital just before 10 a.m., emergency officials said.

Kelly said the teen was just walking when his femur "snapped."

The genetic disease is characterized by fragile bones that can break easily.

After speaking with one of the victim's parents, Kelly relayed that the teen is sedated and already worried about getting his homework completed.

Students from Bensalem, Bristol Borough, Bristol Township, Morrisville, Neshaminy and Pennsbury school districts attend the facility.


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