Injured Bristol Dog Reunited with Owners

Lady, the dog that was found Friday with serious injuries, has been reunited with her family.


Donations for the veterinary treatment of the continued to pour in this week.

As of Thursday morning, more than $3,400 had been donated via website ChipIn.com.

The dog, Dusk, was reunited with the township family that discovered their pooch missing Friday morning, Phillyburbs.com reports.

The dog was discovered Friday with severe injuries by a shop owner in the 5300 block of Emilie Road in Bristol Township, the Bucks County Courier Times reported over the weekend. The new story reports the dog was just hundreds of feet away from its home.

Dusk was found with her eyes out of the sockets and skull fractures. CARES veterinary clinic was able to put the eyes back in the dogs head, but chances of regaining full sight are slim, the website reported.

Emergency dispatcher Jessica Finnell took care of the dog until the owner was found early this week.

The internet was abuzz this week with praise for Finnell.

“Thank you for taking care of Lady. I hope the rest of her life is a happy one and she gets plenty of love,” Judy Flanagan wrote on the donation page.

“Thankfully, there are kind individuals like yourself that make the world a better place. Warmest regards, Rick Robinson”

On Facebook and Patch users wondered about the individuals that could beat a dog.

“What kind of monster could beat a innocent dog with a bat? I pray they will be caught!” Patch user Terry Renteria said.

Authorities are continuing to search for the subjects who attacked the dog.

Data gathered from the Humain Society in 2007 shows that more than 64 percent of animal abuse cases involved dogs.



Injured Dog in Bristol May Have Been Beaten


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