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Man Facing Assault Charges After Fight with Police, EMTs

Police officers had to use a stun gun on a man, who then began to physically fight officers and EMTs. Tullytown police were escorting the man.

After getting kicked off a train in at the statio in Tullytown, a 42-year-old New Jersey man assaulted local EMTs and police officers, resulting in a slew of charges and officers using a stun gun on him.

Tuesday, Dec. 18, Lower Southampton Police received a call from the Tullytown Police for officers and the Tri-Hampton Rescue Squad to meet them at Suburban Diner in Feasterville where the man was passed out. 

Tullytown officers had transported the man to the diner after he got kicked off of a train to be picked up there by his mother.

When in the back of the ambulance, EMTs saw a pill container in the man's back pocket and when they tried to take it, the man assaulted them. He got off of the gurney in a struggle to get the pills back. At that time, officers had to use a dry stun gun on him to get him to comply with orders. The subject then got back on the gurney.

The subject became aggressive and began to argue that they could not take his medication. He once again became combative and tried to get the pills back. Officers had to use the stun gun on the man again in an attempt to control him.

The man would not comply with police and then began to resist and physically fight with officers and EMTs.

When officers finally handcuffed the subject and put him in a patrol vehicle, the man kept repeatedly banging his head against the side of the vehicle and began threatening to kill the officers.

The subject was charged with aggravated assault and related charges. He was arraigned and sent to Bucks County Prison in lieu of $150,000 bail.

The following information was supplied by the Lower Southampton Police Department. For full details from the police reports, click on the attached PDF file.

heather pone December 27, 2012 at 07:46 PM
They dont need a warrent if its potentially harmful to him or others they have every right to take it. They in no way violated his rights.
Chris Taylor Jr December 27, 2012 at 08:01 PM
really? please enlighten me as to the source for your information? did the article saw what the pills were? and on top of that your reply FLAT OUT IGNORES the reality of what I stated. Your reply is one for the "DO AS WE TELL YOU" type society that I want no part of. that is tyranny. it also IGNORES the simple logic that you could just GIVE HIM THE STINKING BOTTLE BACK and end the entire situation. THEN explain to him. as an EMT I need to know what that is. how about some common decency and respect instead of order tasers and jail cells. ? and YES they need a warrant. always. unless you have probable cause of imminent harm you need a warrant. go read your constitution. I don't KNOW if they violated his rights but from the very limited information in this article is sure sounds like they did. and REGARDLESS of rights they ignored flat out ignored the easiest simplest least painful lowest danger option. TALK to him as a human being and not a criminal. REMEMBER they were not called because he was some criminal they were called because he was passed out. IE they were called to HELP and ended up tasering him and throwing him in a jail cell. lovely help ehh?
Chris Taylor Jr December 27, 2012 at 08:13 PM
REMEMBER stop thinking of him as a criminal or not. just thing. was the manner in which they went about things (as described in this article) RIGHT. not was is LAWFUL was it RIGHT. I say short of more information coming to light just based on this article NO. The EASIEST solution would be to ASK HIM. The SECOND easiest would be to GIVE IT BACK to him and then ASK HIM. if and ONLY if all that fails and ONLY if exigency determines it is required THEN you can proceed with assaulting the man. that would have been the LOGICAL course of action. the RIGHT JUST course of action (again just based on this article) instead they elected to escalate to force why? because they can? is that who you want running things? really?
concerned citizen December 27, 2012 at 11:38 PM
What is a dry stun gun? is that safer than a wet one because of electrocution risks? Why didnt mom pick him up at the tullytown poice station? Are the police taxi service now? Where they taking him to breakfast at the dinner and having donuts and DRY toast? why wasnt this guy searched before being driven to the diner? he was kicked off the train. How did the guy pass out? if he was stunned twice than what does that say about stun guns? And to make things worse you give the guy high bail!! THe poilice need to be investigated!! Check all video from the diner,the train station and the police car and everywhere else there are cameras. Sounds like the poilce like to hurt people and make them selves look like victims!!
Chris Taylor Jr December 28, 2012 at 12:00 AM
I believe they mean the taser was used in "drive" mode. it has two ways to electrocute you. via projectile spikes that attach via wires to your skin and via 2 probes hard mounted TO the taser. this later mode is drive mode and probably what they meant by dry. the bail is illegal. bail is not supposed to be punitive as per the supreme court. the sole point of bail is to assure your appearance in court. if you are not a flight risk bail should ALWAYS be R&R ie no bail. simply on your word. they violate that law on a regular basis. you see most people can not afford ANY sort of bail forcing them to use a bail bondsmen. the money you give to a court for bail you get back. but the money you give to a bondsman YOU DO NOT get back. its just another racket to fleece people of their money.


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