Man Found Dead in Tullytown

Authorities discovered the body on Tuesday and know the cause of death.

A 35-year-old New Jersey man was found dead Tuesday near the train tracks behind Atlantic Concrete Products in Tullytown Borough, officials said.

The victim, Pastor R. Peralta Diaz, died of cardiovascular disease. Renal failure was also a contributing factor, Coroner Dr. Joseph Campbell said an autopsy revealed.

Campbell said Diaz was a "sick man" and was receiving dialysis three times per a week.

Acting Tullyown police chief Sgt. Dan Doyle said the man was discovered near the Amtrak train line between Atlantic Concrete, off Old Bristol Pike, and the Penn Warner Club. The area is known to be crossing point for those on foot, he said.

What the man was doing in Tullytown was not immediately known, the acting chief said.

Doyle said Bucks County Detectives assisted his officers in the investigation.

John McCleary November 01, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Sounds like he was living with the homeless back there and or finally had enough of his suffering. Basically gave up,what a shame not to have any support system. On the other hand he may have wanted to go out on his own terms. Hopefully he is at peace.


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