Molestation Victim Files Suit Against Attacker

The victim is filing a lawsuit against former Bristol Township resident Albert August Zuest.


A former resident of the Croydon section of Bristol Township who plead guilty to molesting a young girl is now facing a civil suit from the victim, now 22-years-old.

Albert Zuest, 67, admitted in court in May to sexually molesting the girl when she was just 9-year-old, Phillyburbs.com reports.

The lawsuit could make Zuest pay medical care and psychological treatment related to the injury he caused to the victim, according to the website. The victim is also seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

In the case, the victim is requesting a jury trial.

The 67-year-old was implicated in the sexual assault when the victim came forward in 2010, the Phillyburbs.com story stated.

Detectives, the report continued, were able to obtain a taped phone conversation where Zuest apologised for molesting the girl.

Zuest attacked the girl when he babysat her after school. She alleged he was drunk during most of the attacks.

The former babysitter was living in Hawaii at the time of his arrest in 2011. Police on the island of Hilo took Zuest into custody. The local authorities were acting on information supplied by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, the Hawaii Police Department said in an issued statement.

Zuest is currently awaiting sentencing on the criminal charges he plead guilty to in May, court records show.


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