Police: Man Not Filming Middletown Teens

The incident was one of two reported in the Levittown section of Middletown last week.

Authorities in Middletown Township believe they have solved one of the “suspicious occurrences” involving adult males and teenagers that happened last week.

On Friday, a Hillside Road resident came forward to police saying he talked with two older males on the day of the first reported incident. One of the men told the resident he was looking for the house where he grew up.

The older men were in a gray minivan similar to the description given by the teens who on Monday said the van approached them on Hillside Drive and one of the occupants began videotaping.

Instigators believe the man with the video camera was capturing footage of the house he was raised in and not of the three teens. No criminal activity is suspected, authorities said Monday.

Police continue to investigate a second incident that happened Wednesday morning at Harmony and Hedge roads.

A young man driving an older red Jeep Cherokee with a white fender began talking to a 15-year-old boy and asked him “inappropriate questions.” The teen reported the incident to officials at school and police were called.

Middletown police recommend parents tell children “that if someone in a vehicle stops and talks to them when no adults are around, they should not approach the vehicle.”

Anyone with information on the second incident is urged to contact detectives at 215-750-3845. If similar incidents occur, police say call 911.



 Police Investigating 'Suspicious Occurrences' Involving Teens & Older Men


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