Vehicles Broken Into, Stolen From in Middletown

The Middletown Township Police Department is investigating a slew of thefts from vehicles that occurred within the past three days.


In just three days, numerous vehicles were broken into and stolen from in Middletown Township.

  • Sometime overnight Dec. 29 on Loop Long Road, Levittown, a debit card was taken and used for $150 from an unlocked 2012 Nissan.
  • Sometime overnight Dec. 31 on Cloister Road, Levittown, an Ipod Nano and about $125 in loose change were stolen from a 2006 Dodge adn 2010 Mercury. No damage was done to the vehicles
  • At about 12:26 a.m. Jan. 1 on the 700 block of Highpointe Circle, Langhorne, a GPS and police scanner were taken from an unlocked 2000 Jeep.
  • On Candle Road, Levittown sometime overnight Dec. 31, numerous vehicles on the street were entered. Ipod's, gift cards, prescription medication and cash were taken. There wasn't damage to the vehicles.
  • Sometime overnight Jan. 1, a Volkswagon Golf was entered and $40 cash was taken on the 200 block of S. Clearview Avenue, Langhorne.
  • Also on the 200 block of S. Clearview Avenue on the same night, an unlocked Mercury Mountaineer was entered and a GPS unit and 10 music CDs were taken.
  • On the 700 block of Hulmeville Road, Langhorne, sometime overnight Jan. 2, a Volkswagon Passat was entered and $10 is loose change and a pair of prescription sunglasses were taken.

The above information was provided by the Middletown Township Police Department. Click on the attached PDF for additional information about these incidents.

RachelC January 04, 2013 at 06:33 PM
I live on Poplar street (Poplar Park). At least 5 cars were broken in to a few months back in one night. I know at least two IPods and cash were taken. We even had the guy on security camera. I placed a police report, but nothing was written about that on this blog! My neighbors need to know when this stuff happens too. Middletown Police should have posted something about that incident too!
concerned citizen January 04, 2013 at 06:59 PM
The poice wont do anything extra unless they actiauay see things happen which is rare since you hardly see them patroling the neighborhoods! They are more worried a out patroling the stores and buisnesses and not the people who need them. And even when you tell them you know who it is acting suspiciously they just make you like you are beining vindictive and crazy. The police at least here in middletown can care less what honest citizens tell them and cater to the liars and theives while a homeowner is telling the truth and made to be a troublemaker. So how is it going to change and that is the citizens need to not depend on the police but to create a website for tips a d a database with info on known people who are shady and cause problems around here. Also create a townwatch and have block captains who report to a police liazion and the preas to help clean up the neighborhoods of scum. Btw i was burlglarized several times and the police wouldnt even dust for prints and made me like i was boyhering them and wasting their time.
springgirl January 04, 2013 at 08:17 PM
who keeps $125 in change in their car?!
Golojal January 05, 2013 at 01:08 PM
This happened to me about a 1.5 years ago when I lived in Juniper Hill. A vigiilant neighbor caught the 16 year old in the act and held him until the police arrived. He had already hit several other neighbors cars stealing change and other small items left in cars. His parents arrived at the scene and they just couldnt believe it was their son and argued with the police until they were told he was pulled out of a car while in the act. Unfortnuately, his 16 yo accomplish got away. I have a feeling they did that before...he got no severe punish but had to write a letter of apology to me. Big deal...he will do it again...and maybe they did.
mary grafenstine January 14, 2013 at 10:56 PM
My daughters car was locked. They smashed the window, stole 3000.00 dollars of electronics. We live on a dead end street. She was moving back home and had had her tv and laptop in her car. My neighbors car was robbed as well as three other people in our neighbprhood. The police would only take a phone report. We can,t easily replace items stolen or fix the car. We are truly on our own. Trying to form town watch.


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