Bristol School District Warns Parents of New Bus Schedule

Bristol School District "significantly" changed its bus service this year, and some parents are upset about it.

In late August, ’s website posted a note to parents suggesting they closely review the student bus schedule because it “has been revised significantly since last year.”

On the first day of school, according to phillyburbs.com, parents, grandparents and bus drivers showed up at the district administration offices in Benjamin Franklin School to express their concerns.

The district cute the number of bus stops by two-thirds and also reduced the number of buses in route to save the district money.

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Superintendent Samuel Lee told the group that the district is still probably paying too much for busing.  Parents said buses are overcrowded, run late and students with special needs haven't been accommodated.

First Student Inc. is the primary provider of school bus service for Bristol Township and costs about $7 million.


Advice to Parents from the School District

  • Please make sure your child is at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to their scheduled stop time.
  • There will be designated loading and unloading areas at the elementary schools for students boarding the buses there.
  • Buses will be "staged" at the elementary school stops for approximately  10 minutes prior to their scheduled departure.
  • Buses will only be staged if there are more than 10 students assigned to that school stop.
  • Kindergarten students must be met at their stop by a parent or other responsible adult.
EARL NELSON September 06, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Now my daughter who got on the bus on time, was at school after the minute the school bell rang at the tech school to be in her first class. . . the bus driver doesn't know the neighborhoods and drives out of it to come back into it in a different spot, the district school board "leaders" and I use that word lightly, should have had First Student map out the routes for the drivers so they would not get lost or drive around like lost puppies. I can only hope they saved enough money that they can lower my school taxes. . . er I mean afford the lawsuits this is going to incur when my kid gets lost multiple times, cause I'm not going to hold First Student responsible, I'm going to go right after them. Not very well thought out.
dan roche September 06, 2012 at 11:56 PM
i would like to know what the capasity for how many kids can fit on the size bus they are on. im told they have up to three kid per seat . i thought it was two per seat
EARL NELSON September 07, 2012 at 08:25 PM
My son told me on his bus they had kids standing, is this what we want? If Bristol Township wants the kids to stand, why don't they get Septa to run their buses to and from schools, When will they take the children into consideration instead of worrying about how many kids they can jamb onto a bus.
Patricia Lowry Tryon October 01, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Its a really a shame that our bus drivers have to take the blunt of this mess the the school board created. Anyone can BING a route, I guess when you are making $85,000.00 to organize a route I think the school board should have spent a few of their saved pennies to buy a program that would have satisified all the confusion that their BING program created. They gave no thought whatsoever about any of the routes they set up. example: Picking up children on a busy main road. Did they ever drive the routes to make sure they were safe? Not at all. So how would they know the harm they put our children in. Money can't be saved by buying all these new vans and paying substitute drivers to transport one or two kids to a halfway point so the buses dont have to take them all the way to their schools. Waste of time and MONEY. Elections are coming, think hard what you want from your schoolboard and vote them out. We need fresh minds to take interest in our children, for the childrens safety.. THANK YOU.
EARL NELSON October 01, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Patricia, the real shame is that the school board threw this together but like you said never thought to try and run these routes before the school year with the buses and the drivers so the driver would know what they were up against, some of it is getting sorted out, now my daughters bus picks her up 15 minutes earlier so all the kids can be at school before they are late.


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