Democratic Poll Watcher in Bristol Township

Larry Macy spent the day watching the polls in Bristol on Tuesday.

Democratic poll watcher Larry Macy spent much of Election Day standing in the gym of the Magic Cottage in Bristol Township. Around him, close to 100 people waited in a line to vote Tuesday morning.

Macy, volunteering for the Democratic Party, is one of thousands of poll watchers who volunteered to ensure proper procedures are followed at polling places. All major political parities have poll watchers scattered throughout the nation.

According to ABC News, "Democrats are worried about what they say are efforts to suppress the vote. Republicans fear instances of voter fraud."

Many of the poll watchers were trained by teams of lawyers employed by both parities, the website reports.

Just before noon, Macy said he did not run into any problems in Bristol.

His day consisted of visiting another Levittown polling place and going home to vote at his home precinct in Morrisville before heading back to Bristol.


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