'Disagreement' Slows Talks Between District and NFT

Wednesday night's negotiation session did not produce much results, according to statements from both the school board and union.

Wednesday night’s meeting between representatives from the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and the school board yielded little results.

“Disagreement on several issues has significantly slowed the momentum of the talks,” the NFT said in a statement.

The board, headed by Richie Webb, said in a statement that the two sides “discussed and reviewed the current 69 NFT issues in their most current revised format given to the Board at 10 p.m. last night (Tuesday) via email from the NFT President.”

“Despite the substantial economic concessions offered by the teachers, the Board refuses to seriously consider a number of important issues that are critical to the educational quality of Neshaminy schools,” according to a NFT statement. “While the NFT is insisting on guarantees of educational excellence for students, the Board is looking to lift class size limits and allow administrators to change students’ grades without teacher involvement.”

Mediator William Gross was unable to attend the one hour and 10 minute-long face-to-face negotiation session, both parties said. The board said they expect him to be in attendance for next Tuesday’s session.


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