Falls Township Announces Christmas Tree Pickup

There are two chances to get rid of your Christmas tree in Falls.

From Falls Township:

Christmas trees will be picked up for composting on Saturday, January 5 and Saturday, January 12, 2013 by Waste Management, Bristol.

Please do not put trees out for pickup prior to the January 5th tree composting collection date. Trees will not be picked up prior to January 5th or during the week between the two pickup dates. After the January 12th pickup date, trees can be put out with the regular trash.

Christmas trees over 6ft (or excessively large) must be cut in half. Please remove plastic bags and all decorations from the tree.

As in previous years, Waste Management has a collection container available throughout the month of January at their Scale House area, 1400 Bordentown Road, Morrisville, PA for anyone who wishes to drop off their tree for composting free of charge.


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