Officials Meet to Lay Groundwork for New Falls Road Sidewalks

Progresses made but a number of challenges still need to be negotiated.

, a victim of hit-and-run accident on New Falls Rd, created a groundswell of support for the installation of safe walkways along New Falls Road in Middletown and Bristol townships.

The outcry led to a meeting coordinated by state Sen. Tommy Tomlinson (R-6) on Thursday at the senator's offices in Langhorne.

Attending were state Rep. Tina Davis’ (D -141) Chief of Staff Bryan Allen, Bristol Township Manager Bill McCauley, Middletown Township’s Director of Parks and Recreation Debby Lemanna and PennDOT Bucks County Maintenance Manager Calvin Morrison.

Al Sutter, chief of staff for Tomlinson, characterized the meeting as productive saying there are a number of elements that need to come together for such a project, but the “nuts and bolts” were discussed and progress was made during meeting.

Have you had a close call on New Falls Road. Leave a comment?

Specifically, PennDOT has verbally agreed to waive its right-of-way privilege in order for each to township to begin any work future, however, Sutter said, we have some ways to go before we get to that point.  

Issues such as cost, getting input from local businesses and approval of each township, Sutter pointed out are the next set of hurdles to be negotiated.

Lemanna told Patch via phone that Middletown supports the vision of safety for pedestrians and drivers but there are a number of steps still yet to be completed before any further action could be taken. Saying that the alliance now working together is critical to making such a project happen, engineers will now have to discuss the practical challenges involved for each township.  

Rearick, whose petition now has approximately 2600 endorsers, said, “I’m happy progress is being made. This isn’t about my son anymore, it’s about the safety of the community, that’s why this needs to get done. I won’t stop till that happens, the communities safety is at risk.”

Officials for PennDOT and Bristol Township were not available for comment, but Bristol Township Manager William McCauley III supports sidewalks for the highway, which he indicated in a letter he sent to PennDOT last month that Patch has obtained.

The coalition of officials will meet again once all they have gathered all the information from the respective municipalities to discuss the next steps in the process.

For more information about the “Sidewalks for New Falls Road, Levittown PA, Honoring John Rearick by Making a Difference," click here. 



Mother of Son Killed on New Falls Road Wants Action

Sharon Rearick October 19, 2012 at 07:17 PM
That is what we are hoping for, it is called a "bike path" 4' x 4' Black top path, like on Haines Road and by the Tech school. Chris, please share this story and petition sight with anyone and everyone. I even sent it to the todays show of NBC can't hurt. Thank you for your support. Sharon
Theresa Oliphant October 20, 2012 at 12:36 AM
I think sidewalks would be a wonderful addition to the area. I always see children, teens and adults walking on the road and can barely see them day or night. I think sidewalks are a necessity and support it completely so there are no more unnecessary deaths. So sorry for all your losses.
larry moore October 21, 2012 at 02:05 PM
from beck family what we going thru now if we had bike path it would of saved eric beck life it would saved eric mother lot pain of seeing her son passaway in her arms i hope we all can work to get it done
larry moore October 25, 2012 at 08:34 PM
to jeff bohen i would like to talk more about the walkway with you more / call tou please call me michelleneck /eric beck feb 19 2012 i few thing that i have may get this done thsnk you for you help mbeck 215 588 5075 any time after 9am
EARL NELSON November 30, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Personally a road with 4 lanes and a turning lane in the middle with no sidewalks? Who decided to make the road like this with no safe pedestrian traffic walkway? I some times think Penndot has no real brains behind it, when they design a road. And this road is totally dangerous. I wouldnt let my daughter walk on that road if it was the last thing she had to do to save my LIFE!!! Again I feel For the familys of anyone hurt or killed on that road, in fact it was a couple years ago i wrote a letter to the editor of the courier times and Rep Tommy Tomlinson got copies and so did the 3 schools at Wister and New Falls about speeders that go through the School zone. It should be known that if you go and I quote," Anyone cited for speeding in a school zone by more than 11 miles an hour would be fined up to $500. Drivers caught speeding for a second time in a school zone will have driving privileges suspended for 60 days. Fines would also be increased for careless driving that results in serious injury or death. "Children and their families should not have to worry about careless and reckless driving while in a school zone," Governor Rendell said. "This bill will help nurture an environment that places a child's well-being above all else." PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1t9Ny)


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