Pennsbury Prepares a 'Roadmap' to 2015

Pennsbury administrators present the school board with their comprehensive plan for the district through 2015.

The Pennsbury School District’s Comprehensive Plan, which will serve as a strategic guide through 2015, has to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by the end of November. On Thursday, that plan was presented to school board officials for review.

According to the updated plan, there are two main goals for the student body. The first being student learning and improving academic achievement for all students, and the second is educating the whole child and the student life.

“Basically, we thought about it as two big bucket areas, and what are the big areas you want to drive the district over the next three years,” said Lisa Follman, assistant principal and guidance supervisor.

What do you think Pennsbury should focus on?

“Comprehensive planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward a common goal of insuring that all students are achieving at high levels,” said David Bowman, Assistant Superintendent.. “This is a forward thinking visionary roadmap.”

The Comprehensive Plan replaces what was formally known as the Strategic Plan.

“If the plan is approved at the October meeting, then the plan will on display for 30 days, available for public review at the public library and at the Administration building,” said Follman.



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