Supermarkets Restock Meat and Milk After Power Outage

Perishable products in several Levittown area stores were ruined by the power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Find out what stores are open.

Area grocery stores and markets are beginning to recover from Sandy, stocking the shelves and restoring power to many locations throughout the region.

At Selecto Supermarket in Bristol Borough they were able to transfer most of their meat and milk to another location in Trenton, but are now beginning to restock the shelves.

“We were able to transfer a lot of the meat back on Wednesday but as a business we depend on being open every day and it’s going to cost us a lot (of money),” said Edwin Herrera.

The store was open on Tuesday, though they were only letting one or two people in at a time due to loss of power and were selling only non-perishable goods such as soda, paper towels, and bread – nothing that needed to be refrigerated.

Thursday’s deliveries to the store were cancelled, but they hope to have a shipment arrive by the weekend.

“We are still assessing the loss, so we don’t know exactly how much we lost yet, but it’s going to cost us a lot,” said Herrera. “We hope to be back up and fully running by the weekend and we hope to get a delivery by the weekend as well.”

Bottom Dollar in Penndel had workers busy restocking the shelves and a manager stated “it takes awhile to fill the place back up, but we’ll be good soon.”

Milk, bread, and a variety of meats were all on the shelves, and many boxes and crates lined the aisles waiting to be unpacked.

At Mazzanti’s Market in Bristol Borough, it was business as usual.

“We were closed for three days, but didn’t lose many perishable food products because we had a generator running,” said Mario Mazzanti. “We did have to throw out about $300-400 worth of ice cream, but we are back to business as normal. We expect that Friday will be very busy because most people will start to run out of all of the stuff they cooked the last few days.”

The Pathmark in Fairless Hills was open, but had no perishable food due to power still being out as of 12:15 pm.


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