Conwell-Egan Graduate 'Happy' School Spared Chopping Block

Alumni organizers plan celebratory event.


The Conwell-Egan alumni community was set to have a fundraiser to help the embattled school remain open, but after news came down the school would be spared the chopping block, organizers said they will continue with the event in a more celebratory fashion. 

"I am very relieved that the students of Lower Bucks County, Pa. will continue to have the opportunity to experience a quality education," Conwell Egan alumnus Kristina Tregnan said. 

Tregnan said good news about the school keeps her and her colleagues in positive spirits.

"We are all so happy the school will remain open. As I said before, there is a very strong alumni associated with Conwell-Egan. We truly care and will do our best to support our school," Tregnan said. 

Conwell-Egan Alumni Presents The Friday Night Egan Dance/Fundraiser was after the Philadelphia Archdiocese announced it as one of the possible school closures. Instead, those close to the school said they were relieved to find Conwell-Egan was spared. 

The scheduled event will continue as planned, Tregnan stressed, "Only now it will be a celebration/fundraiser."

As planning for the event continues, Tregnan said organizers are looking for the community to step in and help.

"We are asking for donations of door prizes from local businesses. If interested, the businesses may contact me at KLTregnan@aol.com," Tregnan said.

Conwell-Egan Alumni Presents The Friday Night Egan Dance/Fundraiser takes place Friday, May 11 from 8 p.m. to midnight at CEC's cafeteria.

Tregnan said tickets will be available soon. For more information on the event check out their Facebook page


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