Future of Bristol Schools to be Discussed Tuesday

District will hold a meeting on its proposed closure and construction of new schools.

The Bristol Township School District will be holding an important meeting on the future of the school system Tuesday night in the auditorium of the Benjamin Franklin School on Mill Creek Road.

Officials will be holding the public meeting to discuss plans for the district to construct three new K-5 buildings and close all nine older elementary schools. Renovations to Neil A. Armstrong Middle School and the Benjamin Franklin School, which currently acts as an administration building, are also set to be discussed.

According to the district, the elementary schools are nearly filled to capacity and more space is needed as more families pop up across the district.

The over $150 million project is expected to update the district’s aging schools and cut maintenance costs, the district said.

“Money saved from operating and maintaining our aged buildings, and by retiring old debt, will more than cover the costs of building the new facilities,” a district mailer claimed.

The district will likely face tough questions at the meeting from taxpayers questioning how the district can afford the new buildings. Citing financial stress, the district curtailed staff, cut bus routes and raised taxes in 2012.

In past meetings, district officials have stated that renovations and new schools are necessary for the district because the buildings are getting older and are very inefficient.

School officials submitted similar plans to the state back in October as part of a program that could earn the district between 15 to 25 percent of their investment back.

The meeting is expected to begin at 7 p.m. and end by 10 p.m.

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Gretchen February 15, 2013 at 06:42 PM
@ Chuck Clayton, really you can not possibly be this lost. The BT Schools are old , parts can not be replaced, technology can not be upgraded, as the resident stated at the meeting on Tuesday in reference to Beverly Hills that's not what we want as resident, what I gathered from the meeting is if we continue to band aid our schools our liability for lawsuits be open . I want more secure schools in our district , a technology based school system from K to 12. Better education for a few extra bucks is worth way more than parents and students suing the district( tax payers) in the long run . By the way taxes will always rise we just want our money worth for what we pay. See you at the next public meeting or political function .


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