'Heroes And Mentors' Enlighten PHS Students

Nationally-recognized speaker Reggie Dabbs to host PHS' Heroes and Mentors presentation.


A notable speaker seeks to encourage tenth grade students to make the best choices in life during an assembly at  Monday afternoon. 

Considered one of the best high school speakers in the nation, Reggie Dabbs, will host PHS' Heroes and Mentors presentation. The presentation is part of The Youth Alliance organization. 

The Youth Alliance (TYA) is a multifaceted, non-profit organization that impacts the lives of youth, families, and communities across the country. The mission of the TYA is to encourage, train, and equip youth with the necessary tools to break the chains of poverty, addiction, and psychological and spiritual under-achievement. 

Heroes and Mentors encourages young people to have a long term vision for their lives, in order to make current choices leading to life, hope and purpose, according to The Youth Alliance website.

The presentations discuss the importance of making positive decisions, as well as the importance of becoming a leader. These presentations also address issues such as bullying, substance abuse, suicide, STDs, and other important issues facing our youth. The message of Heroes and Mentors is, "the choices we make dictate the life we lead." The presenters of Heroes and Mentors engage the audience as they discuss the importance of creating a positive vision for the future. We challenge youth to make positive choices and become leaders within their communities.


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