Meeting Between Pennsbury School Board, PEA Suspended

State Mediator Expresses Concern In Structure Of Bargaining Session

A meeting between the Pennsbury School Board negotiating team and the Pennsbury Education Association was suspended in minutes after two board members showed up unannounced.

The meeting was organized and led by state mediator John Cairns and took place Thursday evening in Fallsington.

Officials said the suspension came after two Pennsbury Board members, neither of who were part of the negotiating team, showed up unannounced to the meeting.

After consulting with the PEA and in less than 20 minutes, Cairns suspended the bargaining session based on his concern that the “structure of the bargaining session had been changed.”

School board president and negotiating team member Gene Dolnick expressed his disappointment for the actions of his two fellow board members.

"A chance to reach a settlement was derailed by two board members. This action was disrespectful to the negotiating process and to the entire Pennsbury community," Dolnick said.

A mediator’s proposal for settling issues in dispute between the PEA and the school board was the purpose of the meeting.

The state mediator has not yet scheduled any new sessions.


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