Neshaminy BCIT Teachers Chosen for Bucks IU Program

Members of the Neshaminy Business Computer and Information Technology teaching staff were chosen to participate in the Bucks County Intermediate Unit program.

Members of the Neshaminy Business Computer and Information Technology (BCIT) teaching staff, Tracey Andre, Janet Dougherty and Linda Stoll were chosen to participate in the Bucks County Intermediate Unit Educator in the Workplace Job Shadowing Program.

According to a school district press release, the purpose of this program was to give teachers a better understanding of today’s workplace by learning what skills employers desire and what skills are necessary for students to succeed on the job. Upon completion of the job shadowing experience, teachers are sharing the knowledge and experiences with their colleagues so they may update the content of their lessons. Some of the skills emphasized throughout the experience included leadership skills, team building skills, time management skills, and problem solving and communication skills. Successful interviewing techniques, as well as common mistakes made by young employees were also discussed during the workplace visit. By understanding employer expectations, students will encounter success at an early age in the workplace and develop work habits that will benefit them for their working life.

Tracey Andre spent a day at The Thompson Group in Doylestown with Dan Checchia, Lexus Service Manager. Andre was able to connect workplace skills with Neshaminy curriculum maps related to Business Law, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Business Math, Social Media/Networking, Desktop Publishing and the skill set taught in middle school Keyboarding/Input Technology.

Janet Doughtery spent a day at leading retailer, Target, located in Bensalem. The day began for Dougherty with the opportunity to meet with a diverse group of employees that Target referred to as “members of a team.” She observed a “huddle” that takes place each morning to recognize team members for exceptional work. Cross training was also stressed so that team doesn’t “suffer” in the event of the absence of a team member. Every intricate detail of the team concept is taught and reviewed to allow the team to serve the “guests” not customers who shop in the store. During the job shadowing experience, Doughtery also learned about interview requirements, expectations and career advancement at Target.

Linda Stoll, had the opportunity to spend a day at the Neshaminy Target in Bensalem. The goal that Stoll set forth for her day was to obtain as much job related information as possible so that she could prepare her high school students for employment and career advancement. However, since Stoll teaches Social Media classes at the high school, she also was interested to find out what social media policies have been put in place at Target. Stoll has plans this year to have her social media class students research other companies’ social media policies to understand how to create their own social media policy.


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