Neshaminy Budget Recommendations Continue

Neshaminy Superintendent Louis Muenker made more cost saving recommendations for the 2012-2013 budget.

Similar to the past two school board meetings, Superintendent Louis Muenker announced recommendations to help balance the 2012-2013 budget Tuesday evening.

Muenker's recommendations to date would bring the 2012-13 budget deficit to approximately $7.4 million.

At , Muenker said that the district has worked with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit to find a savings of $896,783. However, the school board approved a contract for for special education services from the BCIU for 2012-2013, which will cost the district more than $10 million. The school district is legally required to provide special education and related services to children from pre-school through age 21.

Muenker had from . Tuesday night, he stated that the district should see an additional savings of $250,000 from the consortium.

In addition, the district's schools' building allocations were reduced by 10 percent, resulting in a savings of $133,000.

Muenker also suggested the board discuss implementing an activity fee for secondary schools and extra co-curricular activities in the district. This suggestion would save the district about $100,000; however, Muenker said that this figure could be higher or lower if implemented.

A suggestion to reduce the district's curriculum and instruction budget would provide a savings of $118,414.

Muenker also recommended that the board use $500,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund to help balance the budget.

These recommendations, including Muenker's previous suggestions, would bring the district's budget deficit to $5,474,953, which Muenker said is "still a significant gap."

In his presentation, Muenker stated that he is hestitant to go into more program reduction suggestions other than what has already been discussed.

The school board has two more formal meetings: June 7 and June 19. Muenker has said that the district aims to have the budget ready for the board's approval by the final board meeting of the year.

feasterville resident May 23, 2012 at 06:36 PM
There should be no cuts in the education of children. The NFT should contribute more to their health plans and remain at current wages, ergo, no retroactive pay. Taxpayers cannot shoulder an increase of taxes. Work within the budget just like any other business. We have paid enough taxes. We do not want our children suffering from educational service cuts. Look around NFT, all other districts are in serious debt. If things don't change soon, we will be in the same predicament.


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