NFT Announces It Will Join Health Care Consortium

Neshaminy Federation of Teachers said the decision to join the consortium was reached Friday after extensive discussion with officials from the Pennsylvania State Education Association.


The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers announced Friday evening that it will join the Bucks and Montgomery County Schools Health Care Consortium, according to the following news release,

The decision to join the consortium was reached Friday after extensive discussion with officials from the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). While much has been written this week about the NFT's hesitation in moving forward without fully understanding how the move might impact teachers and other certified staff over time, . The NFT proposed terms for withdrawal from the consortium, if after a significant trial period, the consortium does not meet the needs of members. Although the NFT is disappointed that the District rejected the proposed safeguard, NFT is confident that joining the plan will offer cost savings and maintain health care access and benefits for all parties concerned. The NFT has notified the District of its support for joining the consortium immediately.

"There has been no reluctance on the part of the NFT to join a consortium," stated NFT president Louise Boyd. "In fact, we have been looking at healthcare consortium models as far back as 1999 when we proposed the model to the district as a way to save substantial dollars on healthcare. Our recommendation for an 'opt-out' clause was made to ensure our members and the district are getting the best possible plan. We have been given the reassurance we sought from the PSEA leaders working to build this consortium. Thanks to our confidence in them and support for this initiative, we feel the opt-out is not necessary, and thus we are now comfortable in moving forward with the plan."

The Neshaminy School Board has not yet released a statement on the NFT's decision. However, at the last school board meeting,  comprised of area school districts.


robert April 30, 2012 at 10:49 AM
So...Obamacare..which the NFT, Afl-CIO , NEA, and every other major teachers Union supported...and helped perpetuate through funding...isn't going to meet the needs of the Unions ???? Interesting. Yet, It is good enough for the rest of us??? The unions recognize that their healthcare slush fund money..will be slashed, and the control they have over such funds will lessen, thus control over their members...et al...So let me ask again....why do you keep supporting the regime that is purposefully trying to destroy the rest of middle class and lower class, and the the poor????? Thank your Crony Union Boss Lackeys.....


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