NHS Family & Consumer Science Students Prepare Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Neshaminy High School's Family & Consumer Science students prepared their annual Thanksgiving feast without wasting any food.

Neshaminy High School's Family and Consumer Science students prepared their annual Thanksgiving feast in Today's Foods classes without wasting any food.

According to a school district press release, the students in the Today's Foods classes spent most of November preparing for their annual Thanksgiving feast. They planned menus, collected recipes, wrote shopping lists and prepared the dishes for the meal.

The students also studied the history leading up to the historic meal. In the class, time was also spent teaching the technique of formal table setting for a holiday meal and praticing the art of table manners.

The students roasted five turkeys, mashed 50 pounds of potatoes, broke up 10 loaves of bread for stuffing, baked five sweet potato and five green bean casseroles and prepared numerous other side dishes. For dessert, 15 pies and 15 pumpkin rolls were baked.

Leftovers from this meal are never wasted and were used by other Family & Consumer Science classes at the high school.

The Child Development students prepared a mini Thanksgiving Feast for the children in the preschool.

Family & Consumer Science majors assembled 139 additional turkey dinners for Aid for Friends from the remaining leftovers.

The F.C.S. Majors froze the five turkey carcasses along with the scraps and will learn how to make turkey soup from scratch after the Thanksgiving break. This soup will also be donated to Aid for Friends.

Aid for Friends delivers meals to people in the Philadelphia area who are “shut-ins” and therefore cannot provide their own nourishment. For more information about how you or your organization can help support Aid For Friends, visit their website at www.aidforfriends.org.


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