NSB Does Not Pull 'Final Offer,' Schedules More Negotiations

During Thursday night's negotiation session, the Neshaminy School Board decided to not pull its "final offer" to the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers just yet.

In the 66th negotiation session, the Neshaminy School Board and Neshaminy Federation of Teachers met for more than three hours Thursday night, but never face to face -- the mediator chose to conduct separate discussions.

School Board President Ritchie Webb said the board entered the meeting with "a sincere sense of urgency to move the process forward, but we were disappointed by the NFT's apparent disregard for the situation and unpreparedness to tackle the important issues."

Webb also said the school board conveyed to the mediator its desire to address the most significant issues separating the both sides, including as past practice.

However, Webb said, when the mediator returned to the room after meeting with the NFT, he could only share "the more trivial issues that union leaders were willing to discuss."

The mediator urged the school board to not pull its offer, but rather to continue to meet in more negotiation session. After some consideration, the board agreed to another meeting February 6 and again February 13, if necessary.

"We remain convinced that the board's final offer is in the best interests of the teachers and our students, and we hope the union leaders will allow the membership an opportunity exercise its right to vote on a settlement. However, if NFT negotiators continue to drag out talks without progress such as we saw this evening, then regrettably the teachers may never get that chance.

We feel for the Neshaminy community, its children and our teachers. And the board continues to demonstrate its good faith by agreeing to further discussions with the NFT. We now look to union leaders to reestablish their commitment to ending this impasse."

maria leszczyszyn January 25, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Shouldn't there be a statue of limitations on this? Is there ever a point - perhaps June 15th - when the school district can lock out the teachers and end this nonsense? Give them the final offer or a pink slip. Faced with that decision, won't the membership be more inclined to vote on the offer that is on the table? Post an ad the next day looking for qualified teachers and I bet the district will have hundreds of qualified applicants. It would be chaotic for a few months, but would it really be worse than what we have now?
former teacher January 28, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Maria, many people share your point of view. Unfortunately, the laws in PA don't permit either locking teachers out nor firing them. The only real weapon at the disposal of any school district is the ability to say 'no' to the unreasonable teacher unions. I could go on and on but if you go to Facebook and look for 'NESHAMINY INFO' you can learn much of what I have learned over the past three years. I am ashamed to admit that as a teacher many years ago, I never read my job description. I didn't think I needed to. I thought my job was to do my best to teach the students, to work with the parents to that end and do everything in my power to challenge and motivate the students. Apparently there is so much more - CBA's, Unfair Labor Practices, Status Quo, Striking, Working To Contract, etc. What the NFT has done to the teaching profession is so sad and so wrong. Anyway, please join the discussion on Facebook. Ask questions, read and get involved!
NFTandProud January 30, 2013 at 04:11 PM
hey former teacher - I bet you never looked at YOUR benefits before you left the profession. it's really easy to point fingers when you've left with your nice pension and retirement package. YES, it's about helping students learn and YES, it's about working with parents and YES, if teacher could trust their school boards and administrators this CBA would have been settled years ago. If you don't trust someone, you get your contract (every single detail) in writing. NFT doesn't trust the board. The board doesn't trust the NFT. No one trusts administrators to do their jobs therefore, contract impasse because no one wants the details in writing. Maria, you are obviously not thinking if you think hiring 650 new teachers at once would yield good results. A few months of chaos? That's hysterical. Former teacher, directing anyone to NI is stupid. Those bile filled, insanely rabid monsters don't know the first thing about education. I've heard that one of the board members doesn't even have a "real" high school diploma. And they get mad at us for having a state supported MEq. Board member has GED. Majority of board members don't have college degrees. Ugh - get educated people!
former teacher January 31, 2013 at 04:52 PM
NFTandProud - I don't have a pension - I left teaching. Is it necessary to point fingers at a person as opposed to an idea/institution? You are comfortable posting your thoughts here - you are subject to 'rabid' monsters here as well. Of course on NI, you have to post under your real name. So why not there? You feel as though people are attacking you/your colleagues but your post is full of attacks. You imply that the absence of high degrees makes people incapable of rendering judgement? Do you need a PhD to know that a WTC and strike hurt kids? What is bad about the current offer, NFT? Your position that things are 'not in writing' isn't accurate. The offer is complete. However the NFT leadership doesn't like the 'writing'. Why won't the leadership let their people vote? If it truly is 'incomplete' these educated people with high degrees will see right through that and vote the offer down.
former teacher January 31, 2013 at 05:59 PM
NFT, if you would prefer not to take part in Facebook discussions, you should not. However, the suggestion was for Maria or anyone reading this to check it out. It's America, we should all have a say. Unlike the NFT where the teachers can't vote on an offer because their leadership won't let them.


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