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NSB Explains Decision Not to Negotiation this Weekend

Neshaminy School Board President addressed why the school board chose to not hold further talks with the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers this weekend.

The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers, ,.

In the press release the NFT issued following the meeting, union President Louise Boyd stated that the impending strike could have been averted if the school board would have agreed to negotiate throughout the weekend.

Neshaminy School Board President Ritchie Webb said Friday that while the union suggested meeting to negotiate this weekend, they did not specify that the union would not go on strike should the board agree to do so.

"At that point, their offer for weekend talks seemed more like an attempt at going through the motions than it did to offer any hope of progress," Webb said in a press release.

According to Webb, the key to resolving the contract impasse is thorough understanding and acceptance of the numbers in addition to a "dispassionate" discussion on what is affordable.

"Based on the behavior we witnessed last night with the NFT’s negotiation team, none of these elements are present," he stated.

In the negotiation meeting Thursday night, Webb claims that the school board responded to the mediator with "fact and civility," while the NFT responded with "insults, innuendo, and useless platitudes."

Webb also said that the union's attorney Tom Jennings, "went on a 15 minute rant where he raised his voice repeatedly, hurling accusations at the board" as well as accusing the school board of being more concerned with "fixing leaky roofs" instead of paying the teachers.

"It was very clear to me as well as the other board members that the NFT mindset we witnessed last night would still be present this weekend, and any discussions we had would be no more successful than the last 39 occasions," Webb said, adding that  the NFT needs a "cooling off period so they can approach these negotiations more rationally and methodically."

Webb reiterated that the school board is willing to meet with the NFT to resolve this impasse "provided that they are willing to do the hard work of understanding the math."

"However, I have no interest in spending time with NFT representatives whose sole arguments are based on emotion, teacher entitlement, and voodoo economics," he said.

robert June 03, 2012 at 12:30 PM
yep....The Nft is no longer serving the needs of the community or the schools. The contract should be revoked. There is NO LAW that says Teachers must be in a UNion to teach in Pa....a lot of red tape disguising this fact....but the children must receive a certain amount of hours...it does not say who teaches them..(accept that they be "certified" by the State)...and that doesn't mean Union only. Dismiss them....let them re-apply...take a drug test....a background test....and any felonies..or criminal prosecutions...weed them out...Geee I guess they would lose their "representative" in the first wave.
robert June 03, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Anne...you need to get together with fellow like minded teachers, and look into a "discrimination suit against the Nft, the township, and the county, and the State...You have a case. There is nothing that says you can"t teach...if you are not in their Union...(provided you meet the educational and teaching certifications)...No one seems to get this point.....It is a form of discrimination and racketeering.....look it up....and when a lawsuit goes forward..the law has the power of subpeona to look at the NFT's books...The PFT' books, and The AFL-CIO's books for audit....trust me ...non of those organizations want their books audited in open court...it falls under the RICO laws...and they are walking a fine line...they just need a push.
Feodor Tiorlenko June 03, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Education ... and a mind ... are a terrible thing to waste. These pages are proof positive.
FRANK LEWIS June 04, 2012 at 10:38 PM
maybe we need to bring back the BRUTE SQUAD to protect those who are being bullied, I 'm up for kicking some NFT ass!!!!! Turn the tables on those lunkheads!!!


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