NSB Member to NFT: 'I Would Take That Offer'

Neshaminy School Board member Scott Congdon said Tuesday night that he would take the offer that the board has proposed to the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers.

At Tuesday night's Neshaminy School Board Meeting, board member Scott Congdon addressed the recent Philadelphia Magazine's list of the top 100 public high schools in the area.

Council Rock North was ranked 14th and Council Rock South was ranked 23rd. Neshaminy High School was ranked 76th.

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"We’re offering them the contract that got 14 and 23," Congdon said of the board offering the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers a proposal based on the recently settled Council Rock contract in its entirety.

Part of the magazine's ranking was based on the total cost per student.

Both Council Rock schools' cost was $9,765; Neshaminy's cost was $10,476.

In addition, the ranking took into consideration the schools' SAT performance.

Council Rock North's average SAT scores were 556 in Critical Reading, 574 in Math and 557 in Writing.

Council Rock South's average SAT scores were 532 in Critical Reading, 563 in Math and 532 in Writing.

Neshaminy's average SAT scores were 492 in Critical Reading, 519 in Math and 481 in Writing.

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"We’re offering salaries and benefits to our teaching staff that got ranked at 14 and 24, and we’re coming in at 76," Congdon said.

"I’m a numbers guy, I would take that offer,” he stated.

Both sides are scheduled to meet tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 10 in a negotiation session. School board President Ritchie Webb said he expects an answer from the union tonight about the Council Rock proposal.


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