NSB to Base New Contract Offer on Local District's CBA

The Neshaminy School Board notified the teachers union that it would like to base its new offer on recently settled contracts from surrounding districts.

At between the Neshaminy School Board and the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers, the board notified the union that it would like to base a new contract offer after one of the recently settled contracts from the surrounding school districts.

According to school board President Ritchie Webb, the board reviewed several different contracts for new ideas while taking into consideration the PSSA test score success of those districts. This process led the board to choose the Souderton Area School District's agreement to be the model moving forward. This contract, which is attached to this article to the right, went into effect July 1, 2012.

"If we have learned anything from the past four years, it's that our relationship with the teachers needs to rebuilt from the ground up. So it is only logical that we start with a new contract. The Souderton agreement allows both sides to adopt working guidelines that make sense," Webb said.

Rather than negotiating a contract that doesn't work, the school board is inviting the NFT to join them in "accepting one that will," he said.

Webb noted that the Souderton contract "isn't perfect" and that it will require concessions from both sides.

The school board and union are scheduled to have their next negotiation session next Tuesday, July 10.


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