Organizers Plan Conwell-Egan's Final Friday Night Dance

First planning meeting takes place at Miller's Ale House in Langhorne at 8 p.m. today.


Prompted by news of a closure, organizers are holding their first planning committee for Conwell-Egan's "Final Friday Night Egan Dance" on Monday evening. As news of a restructuring of the Catholic School system came down on Jan. 6,  as one of schools slated to close. 

Tonight's meeting will be held at Miller's Ale House in Langhorne at 8 p.m.

Organizer Kristina Tregnan explained the event in more detail. 

"We have a very strong alumni presence and a few of us decided to create an event and post it on Facebook. Every friday night for years, Bishop Egan would host a very popular Friday Night Dance for all area high school students. So, after hearing the sad news of a permanent closer, a few us got together and created a 'Final Friday Night Egan Dance' event on Facebook. Much to our surprise, it has taken on a life of it's own," Tregnan said. 

The agenda for tonight's meeting includes deciding the venue, entertainment, food and beverage accommodations, costs, 50/50 T-shirts and proceeds.   

"We are hoping to hold it at Conwell Egan High School," Tregnan said. 

While the number of people expected to attended the "goodbye event" is not yet clear, Tregnan said she and other organizers created the Facebook page to get the word out to current and former students.

"We are not certain of the amount yet. We have created an event page on Facebook," Tregnan said. 

As of Monday afternoon, more than 300 people confirmed on Facebook attendance to the "Farewell to Conwell-Egan...The Last Egan Dance."

With more than 1,400 people invited, Tregnan said she and other organizers expect the number to grow.

"The list is constantly being updated and the amount attending is increasing by the hour," Tregnan said.

News of the closure prompted a strong response from students and alumni.  

"There has been an overall sadness and disappointment among alumni and also a concern that a Catholic high school education may be unattainable for future generations living in Lower Bucks County, Pa.," Tregnan said.

For more information, Tregnan said to check the Facebook page or contact her directly at KLTregnan@aol.com.


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