Parents Group Cancels Monday Rally Following Contract Agreement

A newly formed organization of Catholic high school parents had scheduled a rally to protest the impasse Monday night but it has been canceled following an agreement between the union and the diocese.

With an agreement reached, the 6 p.m. rally organized by Catholic Parents Respond, is canceled.

"The 1,293 members of CPR are greatly relieved by today's settlement agreement," a release from the ad hoc organization stated. "Both parents and students are grateful to both sides that they finally understood the sense of urgency to end this impasse and get our children back to school."

The statement goes on to say that the parents believe they were influential in Monday's settlement.

"We know both sides are well aware of our efforts, our considerable membership numbers and our call to withhold tuition payments until the kids were back in school," it continued, adding that it is refraining from commenting on the terms of the agreement becuase that was never its concern.

"Our goal was to apply pressure to hasten a settlement and return our kids to the classroom," the release stated.

Although the group was formed last week as result of the strike, it will continue operating if its members wish to do so and address other concerns including the potential closure of more Catholic high schools.


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