Ralph W. Emerson Elementary Students Get Ethnic

Cultural Heritage Day Honors Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.


Bristol Township students will mark Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday with a creative project on Friday. 

Students at , representing the Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Irish, Sign Language and other cultures will share a piece of their history.

Dressed in clothing that family members may have worn before they immigrated to America, students will donate food pantry items specific to their cultural heritage on Jan. 13 as part of the MLK Service Learning Project.

In addition to dressing according to their cultural heritage, kids will also recite the school's "Culture Counts" motto in the language used in their homes.

"We have planned it as a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of living and learning in harmony, and to honor his birthday as a day of service," Student Council faculty coach Cathy Ivins said. 

The event takes place at  Ralph W. Emerson Elementary School at 6501 Mill Creek Road in Levittown from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. with recitations at 12 p.m.


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