MPR Endurance Opens Its Doors in Fairless Hills

MPR Endurance opened its doors at 225 Lincoln Highway in Fairless Hills this week and hopes to tackle fitness issues head-on.

Right in the thick of a calorie-filled holiday season and with the New Year right around the corner a new, but different, training facility hopes to tackle a slue of foreseeable "weight loss" resolutions. 

"Wanna lose weight and get in shape? Want to learn how to defend yourself? Want your kids to learn self defense?" MPR Endurance owner Erik Purcell asks. "We are the first and only gym in Bucks County where you can do all of this under one roof."

MPR Endurance opened its doors at 225 Lincoln Highway in Fairless Hills this week with the intent to tackle fitness issues head-on.

"We are a 4,000-square-foot facility with a 90-foot sprint track. We have MMA mats, a cage and full-gym training facility like weights and machines. We also have heavy bags and other unique pieces of training equipment like battle ropes and tractor tires," Purcell said.  

He is the brain and muscle behind MPR Endurance. 

"MPR stands for Muscle Performance Refined," Purcell explains.

 So it's no surprise his new facility is an extension of his sports-minded lifestyle. 

"I have a MMA training series on the Versus Network and NBCSports.com," Purcell said. 

What makes Purcell's facility a notch above the rest is his natural talent to teach others. Purcell said his idea comes to fuition years after dreaming of opening up his own place.

"This idea started out as a dream five years ago. I really believe in the benefits of martial arts training from a fitness aspect and self-defense aspect. I started training kids and people that wanted to learn self defense, then my business grew into what it is today -- a place where the training is universal. From running, to kicking, to pushups, to punches we do it all and love every minute of it," Purcell said. 

But the MMA champ said he couldn't make the effort possible without some help. 

"We have a phenomenal team! One of our fitness experts is ," Purcell said. "Our wrestling coach is All-American Chuckie Connor."

The all-star athletic cast took some time to form and the labor of love started with a strong foundation. 

"Our gym was built around a system of success. I started this business one person at a time and wouldn't be where I am today if I wasn't doing something right," Purcell said. 

Purcell said he began training most of his clients out of the old Tenth Round Boxing location, which has now transformed into the MPR Endurance facility. Tenth Round Boxing has now moved to Bristol. 

"Eventually I began training so many people it was vital that I took the next step and expanded. The planets aligned and I was able to take over a great location. Since then, we've completely renovated the space and added classes and a new curriculum," Purcell explained. 

The gym is open to all who want to check it out and take a non-traditional approach to fitness. 

"Our gym is for people who really want to get in shape and/or learn self defense. We have the best trainers for one reason and one reason alone: To help people reach their goals," Purcell said. "At our gym, we offer an MMA promotion system for kids which only a few gyms in the country offer. We have an indoor sprint track and huge mat space for classes. We offer a womens-only MMA cardio class, which I choreographed, group and personal training and much much more."

So with calorie-heavy holiday meals and treats right around the corner, perhaps the best gift to give this holiday season is the gift of health. 

"If you're serious about wanting to get in shape, this is the place for you," Purcell said. "We offer specialized training and fitness gym memberships. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a kid or an athlete we have something for you. We have elliptical machines, treadmills, heavy bags etc. My clients include kids, moms, firefighters, special forces, pro athletes and police officers."

For more information visit www.mprendurance.com and check out their Facebook page

Perhaps the best way to break into a healthier lifestlye and break out of a possible holiday food-induced coma is to get up and check out the facility in person. 

"You have to come see it for yourself," Purcell said.


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